Construction was the first activity to be developed by SATLI Group, starting back in 1963. From the beginning the activity was carried out both in the area of public and private works. The building company, now managed by the second and third family generation, took control to exclusively meet the operative needs of the property companies which were initially comprised in the company’s original core. From that date onwards, apart from attending to the needs of the Group’s own building activity, with a wide variety of building typologies such as: urban homes, beach residential, semidetached houses, flats, individual chalets, as well as hotel installations, design, decoration and alterations; now they also devote themselves to the execution and/or design of investment projects, customized analyses and public works for the public administration, facing the deceleration of the property market.

SATLI Group executes their projects with two main goals: to meet the execution deadlines and to provide customized quality in and for each case. When we say that “we build wellbeing”, we state our philosophy as building developers, which is based on our understanding of the legitimate aspirations of human beings regarding the home as a habitat where personal, family and social relations take place. Quality and comfort are fundamental guidelines for our activity: this means that we intend to build comfortable homes, with a technological level suited to each group of buyers, identifiable by their right adaptation to the environment. Aesthetics, quality, adaptability, technology, sustainable comfort, together with a clear responsibility towards the environment, are the core concepts of the Group’s clear business commitment in each and every activity field where we develop our strategic plans.