Mission, vision and values

Our Mission We are a group of partners with expertise in investments, mergers and international procurement. Our working principles involve diversification, hard work and perseverance in our daily work. We define and carry out feasible, committed and responsible projects, contributing towards sustainable development.

Our Vision We want to grow gradually, cautiously, keeping a conservative attitude at all times, with the aim of becoming a leader group, consolidated and positioned by means of our daily effort. We seek to stand out from the rest due to the quality of our products and services, the sustained profitability for our shareholders, the trust from our clients, a broadening of opportunities for our employees and a positive contribution to society.

Our Values As a family Group, we value family unity, where learning is a top priority, as well as transmitting our professional experience and knowledge; all the positive aspects, such as effort and reliability, and teaching how to endure the problems and crises, passing on our knowledge from one generation to another. Professionally, we believe that individual hard work and continuous effort contribute towards the progress of the team effort, with “the client is boss” as our only slogan, since it is the client who has the power to remove anyone from the company, starting with the chairman himself.